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temperatures. sandhya patel with big weather warning autos that is right. it's a freeze warning from 11:00 lm until 8:00 a.m. looking at areas covered by freeze warning. there is a hard freeze warning for the straight and delta. freeze damage possible to sensitive plants. watching out for patches of ice heading towards morning. you may run into very slipper reroadways because of the patches of ice so. we're headed towards a bone-chilling cold night. taking a look at numbers down to 20 degrees in napa. 21 in fairfield. livermore, 23. santa rosa, 22. there is places like san jose dropping below freezing. 34 in oakland. 38 in san francisco. could see record low temperatures and heading towards tomorrow morning i'll be back with a full look at the forecast, which includes a switch to a wet pattern. dan? >> thank you very much. see you shortly. on this holiday to honor dr. martin luther king people behind the occupy the dream movement made voices heard in a number of u.s. cities including san francisco, occupy the dream is comprised the religious leadsers and followers. today they demonstrated in
. >> we begin our coverage with meteorologist sandhya patel. it is really coming down out there. >> yes, dan, carolyn, the camera is shaking behind you. the wind is picking up as well and the rain has been soaking the bay area. let me show you live doppler 7hd and you can see where the heaviest rain is falling. as we pan around it is starting to move out of the north bay. they are reporting very heavy rainfall right now. but the heaviest rain as you can see clearly here on live doppler 7hd is indicated in the yellows around concord and livermore and alamo, out toward fremont and even the south bay and san jose. san mateo and the peninsula is getting clobbered with heavy rain. the santa cruz mountains has already picked up more than four inches of rain, and you can see where it is. let's show you the rainfall tote will tas here. 4.5 in ben low man and santa rosa and mill valley is almost 3.5. over an inch in san francisco. livermore, a third of an inch. and here are your wind gusts. it has been gusting out of the southwest. gusting to 53 miles an hour at sfo. hang on tight. there are a c
of standing water on the roads right now jie. and there is more coming all weekend. sandhya patel is tracking it for us. >> that's right, dan and carolyn. i want to show you live doppler 7hd so you can see where the rain is. it is starting to let up in places like ukiah. we are still seeing pockets of rain napa toward fairfield and downpours in the east bay, san francisco, the peninsula. it is clearing indicating that it is widespread. gusts from 25 to 45 miles an hour. it is windy in spots, but some heavy rain falling in this area, and right around the monterey bay and san jose you can see some steady moderate and heavy rain coming down. in the sierra, nevada it has been raining in the tahoe area all day long. and it is still heavily raining right now. as you can see here some of this has switched over to snow. i want to show you a time lapse from our heavenly camera. 8300 foot elevation. yes, we picked up a little snow but it is way high up there. freezing level is 8000 feet. most is falling in the for
clever. >> and sandhya patel says the storm door is creeking open and today was a freeze. >> really cold. we're raining. >> there are several winter storms headed here and the stormy pattern is going on until next week so be prepared for major changes. want to show you a live picture now. there is clouds beginning to move in. and these high clouds may help hold your lows up just a little bit. and perhaps not dropping into teens. and there is a lot of records this morning. there is lake tahoe reporting 34 degrees there if you're heading to high country we're expecting a mix of rain and snow. there are ridge top gusts could be about 100. prepare for possible delays. finally, snow coming to the sierra nevada. that is big news here. and there is 50s and 50s and there is a freeze warning again tonight. and rainy pattern begins thursday morning and snow coming to the sierra nevada going to be mixed in with rain but will switch into snow. and there is 29 degrees in santa rosa. fairfield livermore down to 26 degrees and there is a freezing in san jose and fremont. 33 degrees in palo alto. lookin
. and sandhya patel is here now. >> by the middle to latter part of the week you're going say we've would be the -- won the jackpot -- with rain. now, it looks promising. there is weather continue tg towards next week. there is a live picture with lake tahoe. they're expecting snow into the high country around wednesday there is a chance of rain so they need it up there. and here is a view from our south beach camera. look how beautiful it is. official time 5:12 p.m. today's high temperatures ranging from 62 in antioch to 74 degrees in jant cruz. some areas, 77 today. this is a spring like day. 6 in oakland. and other areas into upper 50s to low 60s, chilly tonight, sharply cooler sunday and a potentially wet pattern is set up for next week. and i want to show you overnight readings. there are clear skies 2 in santa rosa and fairfield. lower 30s for concord and livermore. 37 in san swros yeah. and there is mayor the air for tomorrow, poor air quality into the north bai. moderate for the rest of the bay area. and here is what it's going to look like. this area of high pressure will give it
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)